We are living in a time when the amount of everyday stress is escalating; keeping ourselves well, balanced, and happy is becoming ever more challenging. We all need to have at our fingertips the ability to heal ourselves, quickly shift our emotional states, and regain our power.

Join us for two days of fun, enlightening, and extremely powerful techniques that will give you tools to work on yourself and others.


How to quickly and easily identify and eliminate unconscious programs, patterns, and beliefs that run your life in every area such as career, money, relationships, and health using Meridian Tapping Techniques·

How to quickly and easily muscle test yourself and others as a way of determining whether or not you are in agreement with a belief·

Learn the concept of ‘Love Blueprint’ discover what your blueprint is, how it is created and why we are attracted to only certain people - discover how to redesign your blueprint to manifest your ideal mate or improve your current relationship·

How to improve all your relationships using these simple principles· Find out if you’ve had a ‘Vanishing Twin’ - a common phenomenon, (1 out of 8 people have this), which if left untreated can cause self-defeating patterns that will negatively affect your entire life and relationships·

How to work with and in most cases eliminate Phobias, Addictions, and Stress effectively· Discover what the ‘Law of Attraction really is and how to powerfully apply it to create the life you want!

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